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Spanish to English Translation

The Spanish language and the English language have wildly different rules for sentence structure and pronunciation. While many Latin based languages vary only  slightly, most people who speak only English will not be able to understand Spanish without a translator, and vice-versa.

When English settlers traveled over the Atlantic, they found themselves alongside areas which had been settled by Spanish explorers. With the help of some savvy traders, these settlers were able to communicate and do business with their neighbors.

Luckily, the same is true today. Thanks to multilingual professionals, anyone can do multinational, cross-cultural business, and eLanguages has built a robust niche in the Spanish into English translation field after fourteen years of experience translating for the largest retailer in the world.

Who are these Heroes?

elanguages, Inc. is the perfect company for document translations. It is not too big, and it is not too small. Freelancers are great, but it’s hard to know what you should expect from a stranger. Larger corporations have plenty of manpower, but you may find yourself lost in their crowd of customers. At eLanguages, you will save money and you will not be an order number. Their team of professionals will work together to translate a variety of business documents, from employee handbooks to legal contracts.

eLanguages uses a four-point quality control system to translate your documents. First, your file will be uploaded to our special software database that will keep track of each translation we do for you for future reference, next, a professional translator will translate your document paying close attention to context and content. Lastly, an editor will perfect a draft which will then be passed to a proofreader for final approval.

What’s Offered?

Document Translations

Any document can be translated to suit your purpose. It is very important to prevent the misunderstandings that can occur in any relationship, but especially in business relationships.

Legal Translations

It’s important that everyone is on the same page with legal situations. Hiring the pros at eLanguages can save you from embarrassing misunderstandings and the expensive litigation that confusion can cause.

Corporate Translations

In the corporate atmosphere, hired talent will come from many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Keep your employees unified with employee handbook translations, employee manual translations, and onboarding translations, or documents that allow you to communicate horizontally and vertically among your corporation.

Easily Accessible

When you call eLanguages, Inc., you will be able to speak with a human being. That human will help you put in your order and answer any questions you may have. You can also access eLanguages online. You definitely won’t get this type of quality and consistency from a Google Translate.

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