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Chinese to English Translation

The English language is very different from Chinese in pronunciation and form. Chinese pictographs can describe in one character what would take several words in English. The sounds used to comprise speech in each language also vary greatly.

Though the languages are very different, language does not have to be a barrier between friends, partners, or colleagues. If you’re looking for an efficient way to branch out into the American or English speaking market from China and communicate with your associates, you’ve come to the right place.

We specialize in translating documents from Chinese into English. We have an experienced team of translators that have been working in this pair for many years for the largest retailer in the world who has hundreds of stores in China.

You could copy and paste your important documents into a mindless app only to receive a useless word-by-word translation, or you can send your documents to a large corporation and hope you hear back within the month. If neither of these options sounds appealing, you should consider eLanguages, Inc.

How do we do it?

We are a mid-range translation option who can add a personal touch to your translations. When you call us, you will hear a real person on the other end, rather than an answering machine. You can even visit us online for added convenience.

We take a four-point quality control approach to translating. First, your file will be uploaded to our special software database that will keep track of each translation we do for you for future reference, next, a professional translator will translate your document paying close attention to context and content. Lastly, an editor will perfect a draft which will then be passed to a proofreader for final approval.

Corporate Translations

To improve production and understanding between employees, colleagues, and partners, your business will need to translate corporate documents. A person’s first language is usually the one that they will understand best. If a person is trying to translate a document as they read it, they may miss important information.

eLanguages also takes a cultural approach to translation, meaning that we pay very close attention to context and cultural differences to ensure that translated documents convey correct and consistent meaning. This process can be used with employee manuals, employee handbooks, and onboarding training documents.

Legal Translations

Your complex, legal documents are not off limits. You want your business partners and customers to know exactly what the contracts you agree on entail. No one should be left in the dark when it comes to legal matters. It’s just good business.

Document Translations

Any document you need can be translated from Chinese into English. Whether it is a product description, job posting, an email chain, or information for your web page, we can make sure you get your point across.

Quality you Deserve

Don’t let the language barrier restrain your productivity. After your first document, our professionals and unique software will help ensure future documents are of high quality, consistent throughout, and fit your purposes. Don’t spend your hard earned profit for pricey, lower quality work. Contact eLanguages, Inc. and expand your reach.

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